Monday, March 2, 2009

Bobby is not a liar...

After a VERY long Friday night that included three hours of PTA report writing, Bobby and I headed to bed early. While crawling into bed, Bobby mentioned something about getting a couple of inches of snow on Saturday. I laughed.

"It is not going to snow," I told him and he looked at me quite offended.
"It is too," he repeated emphatically.

You see I am usually pretty up on the weather, especially snow. But I must admit I have been so busy lately that I had missed the forecast for several days. At this point I still thought Bobby was teasing me, but he was getting angry!

"Are you calling me a liar?!?!" he asked.

I didn't answer this question, but looked at him unbelieving and flew to the living room where the 10 o' clock news was Tivoed. Ten minutes later I crawled back in bed and said, "I guess you were right." Bobby was not satisfied with this pitiful admission of wrongness. So in order to prove that my husband is not a liar, I shall post the following pictures....

By the way, he was WAY off on the number of inches:)

Ask Allie about the big blue box:)

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