Thursday, February 26, 2009

Long time, No write!

Go ahead, slap my hand. I have been a very bad blogger. I could go on and on and tell you what has been consuming my free hours, but I will spare you. Instead I will do a photo recap of the past two months and try to do better. I know I am leaving out tons of family events, but I didn't want to overwhelm anyone :)

First we have New Years...this is a picture of the kids watching grown men attempt to blow themselves up with explosives (aka fireworks).

Next we have our first snow, Ryan was still casted at this point so we didn't get to play too much.

This is a picture of Ryan's second cast. The first stayed on for three weeks and this one stayed on for two additional weeks. Ryan opted out of signatures this time and let Daddy decorate it with Sharpies.
I had to include these next photos just to prove that cameras should not be allowed in the room while you play the Wii. We are too cheap to buy our own Wii, so we just go over to Mom and Dad's to play. Here Daddy and I are getting "Fit".

Snow #2. We had more snow this time, but it stopped falling before the kids woke up. This go 'round we wrapped the cast really well and let Ryan loose.

Meg was convinced that she wanted Momsie to teach her how to knit. The lesson lasted about 5 minutes and Meg decided that it wasn't her thing. Maybe we should learn how to tie our shoes first???

Valentine slumber party at our house! We had fondue, watched movies, made donuts and generally had a blast!!

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