Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You made this a Christmas to remember...

Remember that super cool trampoline Mommy and Daddy got the kids for Christmas???

Well two days after Christmas was a beautiful warm day here in our fair city, so we took the kids out to enjoy their new gift. Both kids jumped until Meg was tired, but Ryan was still going strong so he wanted Mommy and Daddy to jump with him. Mom was first. We played Crack the Egg (that name sounds so cruel now) and Mommy saw how high she could bounce her 40 lb. boy. Then it was Daddy's turn. They were having so much fun so I turned around to go get my camera. I hadn't taken two steps away from the trampoline when I hear "OWW!!", "Are you OK little man?" I turned around to find Ryan sitting on the trampoline and Bobby hovered over him. Ryan wasn't crying but he was holding his arm and his hand was hanging funny. It turns out that the boys were jumping pretty high and the last time Ryan came down he didn't land on his feet. He broke his fall with his hand and face.

Well it was pretty evident that something was wrong so we threw the kids in the car, took Meg to Mom's and Ryan to the ER. He never did cry and after a while he was playing his DS and saying his arm felt better, but we stuck around anyway to get the x-ray just in case. After the x-ray he went back to playing his DS. The doctor came back and watched Ryan on the DS with amazement, he was moving his wrist and arm with no problem. The doctor asked us to follow him to look at the x-rays. Then we saw them, two clean breaks...Ryan had broken both his bones in his lower arm about two inches above his wrist. The doctor said that Ryan must have an amazing pain tolerance to have never cried and be able to move the arm without pain. They put on a temporary cast and gave us a referral to an orthopedic.

Monday we went to see Big Rich (aka Dr. Ennis) and he and Willie (the cast put-er-oner) and Ryan was fitted with his real cast. He has been doing great and has even figured out how to play his DS with his cast arm. Although he doesn't think he will be able to write when school starts back ;)These have nothing to do with the broken arm but are post Christmas get-togethers with friends. I got to hang out with Nessa and Sarah the day after Christmas at Starbucks. Erin was supposed to join us but she was sick. Jolene couldn't join us because she had a baby two days earlier and plus she lives in Scotland, .....details, details.

On the 29th we went over to Laurie and Jay's and had a Halford/Rye Christmas. The kids had a great time playing together. We opened gifts, played Wii and ate pizza. Of course there is the obligatory pyramid picture...please excuse our dorkiness.

I think that is it.....until New Years....

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