Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Way to go Ryan!!!

My boy is so talented!!!

Awards for two different contests were awarded at tonight's PTA meeting, an Art Contest and a Citizenship Essay Contest. Ryan entered both contests and won Honorable Mention in both. We are super proud of him and he is quite proud of himself. The theme of the essay contest was "Pride is Forever". Here is his essay:

I am proud that we have a president. He tells us what to do. He helps us control our county. He tells us to stay calm when we are scared. I am glad that he keeps us safe. I am proud of my president. When I grow up I wish I could be the president.

Short and sweet!!

The theme of the art contest was "Wow" . I asked Ryan what made him say "Wow" and he said, "cool guys on skateboards." So that is what he drew. On the left is a guy on a skateboard ramp with spiked hair and a skull t-shirt and on the right are spectators.

Here are some pictures from tonight:

Ryan getting his Essay award from the principal

So proud!!

(the medal he got was sweet... it was a gold tiger paw with his name engraved on the back)

Ryan and some of the other Art contest participants

(notice Ryan chatting it up with the girl beside him...always the charmer)

Ryan with his awards and picture

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