Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Children and Gas (yes that kind of gas)....

One of the downfalls of the public school system is that your children learn a whole new vocabulary. Sometimes this is great...Ryan came home last week reeling off all of the names of Christopher Columbus' ships from that historic voyage in 1492. But he has also learned lots of other words that we tried so hard to keep out of his young vocabulary.....most recently...fart. Yes, everyone does it but I hate hearing that word come out of my sweet little 6-year-old's mouth. And of course he had to teach it to his sister.

So in an effort to teach the children a little decorum, I taught them the phrase "pass gas", a slightly more gentile term that was not quite so offensive to my Mommy ears. Of course, as I will illustrate below, it did not turn out exactly as I planned.

Illustration #1

Mommy (walking into the laundry room and opening the garage door): "I smell gas!"

Meg: Ryyyyyaaaaaannn (with nose turned up and in a disgusted tone)

I had to explain to them that the stench was from the lawn mower in the garage and it smelled like gasoline because Daddy just mowed the lawn. There was no one to blame for the foul odor except for Daddy. Which now that I think of it, is often the case:)

Illustration #2

Only moments later we were in the car headed to Maw Maw's. Out of seemingly nowhere, Ryan asks, "Do camels shoot gas"? Bobby turned around and looked at him very quizzically, but Mommy can always translate...... Do camels PASS gas? Of course I guess I do see his point, sometimes gas....passes and sometimes..... it shoots!!

But why did Ryan asking this question??? Check out the picture below. Notice the noxious fumes emanating from the camels rear and the bystander saying "PU".......boys???


  1. Naturally, I can picture all of this! What a hoot!


  2. Oh, that's hilarious! I have a strong dislike for the word f*rt as well...see, I can't even type it!