Sunday, October 12, 2008

Picture Catch Up...

It has been so crazy around here that I have fallen behind posting pictures. So prepare for picture overload....
Picture Ryan drew for an Art contest at school. The theme was "Wow". Bonus points to whoever can tell me what this is a picture of!!

Erin's Baby Shower

We decorated onesies (this was my favorite one that I painted)

Sarah, Babs, and Erin

Harvest Party in Mississippi

Ellis and David chatting

All the kiddos

The Girls

The Boys

Me and Bob

Ryan's Star of the Week Poster

The Bartlett Festival

Jack living dangerously

Picture Day at Meg's Preschool

I wanted some outside shots

I hope the photographers turned out better:)

More Mississippi Pictures

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  1. Love the pictures! They are all great. My Favorites: The onesie you designed (too cute), your Dad relaxing (love his beard), all the ones of baby David, the one with Miss Barbee and your Mom (your Mom is so skinny, tell her she needs to eat more), all the guys, gals and kids. Looks like you guys had a fabulouso time! Love ya, MM