Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Saga Continues....

Well, many people have been wondering about the car situation. From the picture and story below you can probably deduce that Bobby's Accord was totaled in the accident a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully the owner of the vehicle (but not the driver) had insurance. The insurance was with State Farm and they handled everything wonderfully. We got full value for the car, new car seats, and we were reimbursed for all towing and car rental expenses. We love you State Farm!!

But things can never go that smoothly. A week to the day after the accident my Civic decided to die. Well...not actually die but catch a serious illness that would cost $800 to cure. We decided that since we had been planning on purchasing a "new" vehicle in the Spring anyway we would go ahead and do that now instead of sinking more money into the old one.

So where does that leave us. Bobby's car totaled....My car seriously ill....Bobby pimpin' in the rental Ford Focus....Barbee bumming vehicles off of very sweet parents and friends. In search of two "new" cars.......

After an exhaustive search, Bobby finally found a pre-owned Camry that he loves and he traded in my Civic to them "as is". I am still searching and I loath it!!! You would think buying a vehicle would be fun. I don't need much. I just want another Civic that is a few years newer, has power locks and windows and four doors. But apparently with gas prices soaring, Civics are the hot vehicle. Hey People, I was driving Civics before they were "green". I have been loving my "go-cart" and saving the Benjamins since I was 18. So if you see a gently used Civic for sale, holla my way.