Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

We had a great Halloween!!
Meg and I spent the whole day at Ryan's school. In the morning we did our usual, making First Grade copies and assisting Mrs. D with odd jobs. Then after lunch we worked the "polls' while the school voted in a mock election. After that we headed back to Ryan's class where I did some spooky face painting and then we PARTIED (for the exactly 30 minutes which is allotted for fun)!!
We then headed home and made a bog ol' pot of chili and Monkey Munch (also known as Puppy Chow). I love that stuff and finally decided to try making it with Sunbutter, our peanut butter substitute. It turned out soooo good and I believe I am now wearing 3 pounds of it on my middle section. The kids ate a quick dinner and then it was time for suiting up and hitting the streets. The weather was perfect and there were tons of kids out. We met up with Kris and "Baby Faith" half way around the block and they kept us company for the second half of our journey. The kids came home with wayyy too much candy and passed in a sugar coma a short while later.


my cute little Clone Trooper.

Dorothy Gale of Kansas (with Toto of course) A solid week of blood, sweat and gingham finally paid off!!

Hittin' the 'hood.

Meg "helping" Faith
Happy Halloween!!

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