Sunday, November 16, 2008

Daddy Daughter Dance

Meg had her first dance this weekend and she was escorted by her best fella, her Daddy:) It was a Daddy Daughter Dance hosted by Meg's dance school.

Meg came home from dance a couple of weeks ago with very specific instructions and she carried them out to a "T". She approached her Daddy, stuck out her bottom lip, batted those big brown eyes and said, "Daddy will you please take me to the Daddy Daughter Dance?" Of course who could say no to that???

Then the search began... Mommy had to find the perfect dress. Three different dresses were purchased, pictures were taken, opinions gathered and it was finally decided... A sweet little burgundy dress with cap sleeves, sweet little tummy bow, and beautiful flowers stitched all over the skirt. Of course it met Meg's only twirled!!

Then the big day came. Meg had a manicure (ala Mommy). We curled her hair, added a touch of lip gloss, and slipped on her dress, tights and patent leather Mary Janes. Daddy changed into his nicest suit and Meg made him change his shirt because, "You don't wear a blue shirt with a suits, Daddy, white shirts look much fancier." Finally, Daddy presented Meg with her first corsage and we took a few pictures.

Then they drove off leaving Ryan and Mommy to their Star Wars movie and take-out:) A wonderful evening was had by all.

My pretty girl

Meg's first corsage

Meg and her Daddy

Twirl practice

If you want to see actual pictures from the dance, you can click here. Of course there are only one or two where you can spot Meg. Bobby said she didn't stand still for many pictures...can you imagine that?? Thankfully they had some posed pictures made and we should get those soon.

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  1. Okay, you made me cry for the second time today. I'm not gonna' have any face left by the time my afternoon meeting rolls around :-)! She's beeutiful and he is most handsome! Wow, life is good, life is just so good!!!

    I love you four! Hugs and 3 kisses -- MM