Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Now Ryan may not be the most coordinated kid on the block, (see post below) but he sure is one smart cookie!! Last Friday was the first Test Day for the First Grade. He has never taken a test that was actually graded. All of the kids, including Ryan, were a little anxious.

It is very difficult to prepare a child for their first test. You want to make sure they understand that tests are important and they have to try their best. On the other hand you don't want them to be devastated if they don't do great. When he came home with the spelling list on Monday, Ryan was convinced he was going to fail (even though he could already spell 10 out of the 12 words). We studied a little each night and we were pretty confident that he would do great.

Well, I was up at school Friday making copies for his teacher and found out that he not only had the spelling test that we had prepared for, but 4 TESTS!! I started getting butterflies in my tummy, but I was sure Mrs. D had all the kiddos prepared. Ryan came home Friday and told me that he thought he did pretty good....

And he was right! We got his scores today and Ryan got a 100 on all 4 of his tests which included 2 spelling tests, a reading test and a math test. Now the math test was pretty easy, but the other 3 were pretty challenging. Mrs. D said she was very proud of his score on the reading test. Being a poor speller myself, I was quite proud of his 2 spelling tests. One was a traditional spelling test and one had the words spelled 4 different ways and you had to pick the correct spelling. I'm not sure I would have gotten a 100 on that one:)

We explained to Ryan that he might not always get 100s but as long as he tries his best we will always be proud of him. But I must say I am one proud Mommy today!!!

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