Monday, September 22, 2008

Avoid the hood at all cost...

Saturday night Bobby and Tootsie's husband, Ben, were driving home from the Tiger game. Ben suggested a shortcut down Tillman to get over to Sam Cooper.

Point to Remember: Never take Ben's shortcuts

Just after Bobby crossed a set of railroad tracks, a car going the other direction tried to turn left quickly ahead of him. Bobby couldn't get on the brakes fast enough and the man turned right into him. The guys escaped with only minor injuries. Bobby has a bruised knee and his arm looks pretty nasty from the airbag burn and Ben hurt his shoulder. The other driver was knocked unconscious and taken away by ambulance. He did wake up at the scene and was able to sign the ticket he received before he was taken to the hospital.

This is about when I showed up. Daddy took me to the scene of the accident while Mom and Tootsie watched the kids. If you have never taken a stroll down Tillman Avenue at midnight let me be the first to tell you...don't. There were mentally unstable homeless individuals (aka crazy bums) wandering aimlessly, 13 irate relatives of the unconscious driver ready to maim my husband, and a 4 year old child locked in a car on the side of the road for two hours who was never checked on who seemed unphased to be awake at midnight.

And if the evening wasn't crazy enough.... The wife (or Baby Mama) of the other driver backed into Dad's car (actually Mom's new car) when she was trying to leave the scene and she got a ticket too.

Bobby is fine but the car is totaled. The other guy got the ticket. Bobby will be picking up his rental car in the morning. Most likely he will be driving a Geo Metro or similar vehicle. Hey.... he should get good gas milage!

ETA: Bobby is now pimpin' in his Ford Focus


  1. If you want a new car, you need to hit people in a better neighborhood. Glad you weren’t hurt! Thomas

  2. Beej didn't tell us about the lady hitting your Mom's new car! Yep, it is messed up pretty bad. What a night!

    For years your FIL has used Tillman as a short cut -- for years I've made the comment "this would be a terrible place for us to have a flat or have an accident"!

    We are so thankful that Ben and Beej escaped without any broken bones or massive cuts. I'm pretty sure they will be very sore for a while.

    Love to all of you,