Monday, September 1, 2008

One exciting Thursday evening...

Last Thursday night Meg and I, along with my good friend Erin and her son James, went to see Sesame Street Live. The tickets came from Bobby's very sweet cousin who works at WKNO. We have gone as a family in years past, but this year Ryan made the declaration that he is too old for Sesame Street and that "Baby" James would enjoy the show much more than he would. So we applauded his generosity and passed the tickets along.

Well when the big night arrived we realized that Bobby would not be home in time for Meg and I to leave and make it to Erin's in time, so we dropped Ryan off at Maw Maw and Paw's house for about 15 minutes until Bobby could pick him up. At about 6:30 I called to give Bobby some bedtime medicine instructions for Ryan. This is when we got the interesting news:


Now this isn't a huge pond but it isn't a puddle either. Apparently Ryan was balancing on the rocky edge and lost his balance. While sitting in the pond the water was about up to his shoulders. Not to worry there were 4 adults "watching" Ryan and they helped him out. Thankfully Uncle Joey was there and took care of my only request....dry him make sure he didn't swallow any fish (especially Ryan's fish "Ol Slappy) My main concern was that someone got a picture. Thank goodness for camera phones!!!

Sesame Street Live may not have been as exciting as a trip to Maw Maw's that night but we all had a blast. Meg really got a kick out of it and was clapping, dancing and singing the whole night. James is a HUGE Elmo fan and he had a great time too. Of course we don't know if he was more excited to see his idol Elmo or ride in the back seat with his big friend Meg.

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  1. Meggie-Boo, I think your outfit for school rocked!!!!! You had to be one of the cutest girls in the class!!! And Ryan, I just got through grading all your test papers, and I think this might be the week you can make a deal for the "double dipper"!!!!!!! xoxo, Mrs. D