Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again...

We went up to Altruria to register Ryan for first grade this morning. I have known who I wanted him to have for quite a while now. Mrs. Dietrich is the crazy, fun teacher who everyone told me would be a perfect fit for our crazy, fun Ryan. Bobby had commented that it would be funny if he did end up in Mrs. D's class because his first grade teacher was also named Mrs. Dietrich. Well upon introductions this morning we found out that it was not only the same name but the SAME TEACHER. That's right Bobby (Little BJ back then) had Mrs. D 29 years ago at Crump Elementary. We all had a big laugh and prepared Mrs. D to have Little BJ's clone in her class this year. She is very excited to have Ryan and she said that she loves the kids who bring a little fun into her classroom. Little does she know how much "fun" she is going to have. Mrs. D has even told Meg that she gets to be an honorary member of the class.

Watch out Mrs. Dietrich, here come the McVays!!

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